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On The Road Again...

As a sales rep, I spend a lot of time driving. When Daylight Savings Time ends and sunset is before 5pm in Southern California, that means I’m spending a good amount of time driving at night. As I’ve gotten older (and my vision has slowly started deteriorating), I’ve found myself not loving driving at night. As I’m driving, I’m constantly switching from looking ahead, to my mirrors, to my dash and sometimes shifting my focus so often causes my eyes to get tired quicker, particularly at night.

Many people are unaware that there are dozens of lens options available for almost any condition they might encounter, let alone lenses specifically for driving at night. If you have a patient who spends long periods of time on the road commuting or otherwise, DriveSafe lenses from ZEISS could be a great recommendation to fit their driving vision needs. When you customize your patient's prescriptions to their lifestyle as opposed to just offering the basics, you drive more value to your optical.

DriveSafe lenses cut down the glare from the headlights of oncoming cars and reflections from wet streets or street lamps while also offering unmatched clarity in poor light conditions. DriveSafe utilizes an enhanced lens design that takes into account our enlarged pupils in poor or low light environments and a special coating that reduces glare at night. Besides all of this, they also make it easier to shift your viewing focus quickly, making them extremely comfortable for your eyes, especially for progressive lens wearers.

Another reason DriveSafe are a great option for your patients, is that they can be worn all day and make great everyday lenses too. There are single vision and progressive options, as well as you can add darkening photochromic options to them. Plus, ALL lenses from ZEISS come standard with UV Protect, so you and your patients are 100% covered against UV rays during the day.

Seeing clearly is pertinent for safe driving for yourself AND everyone else- and with more people on the roads at night during the holidays, DriveSafe might be just what you need to be prescribing right now.

To learn more, go to the ZEISS DriveSafe website.

As always, please feel free to email me with questions.


ZEISS DriveSafe Clarity

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