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Alana Whitaker

California Glasses Girl

Alana Whitaker has been an eyewear rep since 2012, previously working with Marchon, Kenmark & Design Eyewear Group. She began her newest role in December 2018 as San Diego's Ray-Ban Sales Consultant.  Before working as an eyewear rep, she worked in retail and non-profit event planning. This experience honed her attention to detail as well as she learned best practices for retail sell-through, visual merchandising and event coordination. 

Alana originally created her Instagram page to network with prospective accounts and gain new business. After awhile, it evolved into an extremely engaging audience of eyecare practitioners, optical shops and optical industry professionals. She educates her followers on optical trends, technology, social media for optical and business best practices. Recently named to Vision Monday Magazine's Most Influential Women In Optical 2019 list, she continues to post authentic and honest content with the hopes of helping others in this industry maximize their potential.



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