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1 Simple Rule for Social Media

As either an optical rep or an optical shop, are you familiar with the 80/20 Rule? Unless you've done a ton of research, probably not. The 80/20 Rule of social media marketing states that 80% of your social media posts should inform, educate, and entertain your audience, while only 20% should directly promote yourself or your business.

This information can completely CHANGE your social media game. Seriously. Here's Why:

For Optical Reps:

I've had several reps tell me they haven't seen any new business even though they have created social media pages and are posting regularly. For this there are 2 reasons- 1 of them because you also have to reach out to your followers and not just expect them all to message you. The other main reason is YOU'RE ONLY POSTING PROMOTIONAL/PHOTOS OF YOUR BRAND. Every single rep that has created an Instagram account to grow their business is doing this. (Granted, there are a few reps, I'm looking at you @MidwestSpexAddict, who originally created their IG for personal use and then transformed it to also be used for business. These reps post a mix of business and personal- and it works because IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT SELLING!) My point is, I've seen the influx of reps creating social media pages to grow their eyewear sales and gain new accounts, but all they post is photo after photo of their brand. As a consumer, wouldn't you get sick of seeing that? I would.

For Optical Shops & Optometry Practices:

If you're only posting photos of your frames or promoting your practice and your following isn't growing, it's time to rethink your social media strategy. Just because you're my eye doctor and you start following me does not mean that I'm going to follow you back. You need to give me a reason to follow you. Entice me. Which means, entice your patients and prospective patients. Do not just post pics promoting your practice. See @OaklandVisionCenter for a phenomenal balance of promotional posts mixed with educational and lifestyle posts.

I created 2 separate FREE social media content calendars for August. 1 for reps and 1 for optical shops. They will give you content prompts for 1 post a day, Monday-Friday for the entire month of August. Add these into your current strategy or just use this on it's own, depending what is working for you already.


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