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3 Easy Instagram Tips from The Glam Optometrist

The Glam Optometrist

First, I want to start out by saying that Dr. Ari Fartash, The Glam Optometrist, is not only making big waves in the optical community but is also a total doll! Her most recent article for Review of Optometric Business, lays out 3 super easy Instagram Posts to promote your practice or optical shop. With an Instagram following of over 44k, she knows a thing or 2 about social media marketing.

Here are The Glam Optometrist's 3 types of IG posts that can remind current patients of your practice, while also attracting new ones:

1. Call to Action: Posting a photo and asking a question, such as whether your Instagram followers like a pair of glasses you are wearing. This prompts the audience to get more involved in your posts.

2. Post a Video: Instagram allows you to post a video to your feed of up to one minute.

3. Instastory: An Instastory is separate from an actual photo or video post on your Instagram page. It is a tool set up by Instagram that you can use to post things for 24 hours only, which can be viewed by all (not just your followers). You can post a video, photo, there’s a polling

option, music option, face filters and other tools.

The functionality is much like the social media site

Snapchat, but located within the Instagram platform.

To learn more details about each of Dr. Fartash's 3 tips and to read the rest of her article, click here. You can email her at She also offers social media management for optometry practices. (Remember when I said I also work with other digital marketers in the optical industry, so I can make sure you're taken care of?) If you reach out to her, be sure to let her know that California Glasses Girl sent you.


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