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The Ultimate Optical Holiday Gift Guide

Wanting to give your staff a small token of appreciation in addition to a holiday bonus? Looking for something a little extra special to give your best accounts? Need gift ideas for the optical person in your life? I've got you covered with the first annual ULTIMATE OPTICAL HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE!

With something for all budgets, this guide will make your holiday shopping MUCH easier! Plus, each idea list is linked for easy shopping! (As well as there are even MORE gifts for each list once you click the links.) Many of the items in this gift guide, I personally own and many of you have asked about them in the past on Instagram.

The Boss/Future Boss

1. Kate Spade Goreski stud earrings $50 (These were a birthday present from a friend this year. Obsessed!)

2. Earning It $12 (I just read this book over the summer and loved it!)

3. CR Gibson Password Log $2o

4. Kate Spade iphone case $24

5. Kate Spade pencil pouch with pencils $45 (I use this as a cosmetics bag.)

6. CR Gibson business card holder $20

7. Kate Spade Lookout Glasses Bangle $64

8. Cornea Pop Socket $13

9. Optical Women's Association Membership $99 (I just joined OWA this past January and have loved being a part of such a supportive organization.)

Animal Lover

1. Dogs in Glasses Notebook $20 (I'm obsessed with dogs and glasses, why wouldn't I own this?!)

2. Cat in Glasses Enamel Pin $7

3, Orange Cat Notepad $15 (Couldn't help myself with his notepad, it's such a cute addition to my desk.)

4. Cynthia Rowley dogs in glasses hand towels $25

5. Dogs in Glasses Poster Print $11

6.Two's Company Cat Eyeglass Tray $16 (I actually have 1 in each color.)

7. Cats in Glasses Tank $16


1. Eccolo See the World Journal $14.50

2. CR Gibson Travel Kit Winks $35 (luggage tag & passport holder- I use these ALL the time!)

3. Eccolo See the World Spiral Notepad- Pack of 3 $22 (You could buy a pack of these to give out to multiple staff members or accounts!)

4. Luggage Tags $7.75

5. Selina Jayne Opticians Toiletry Bag $18 (EXCELLENT gift for opticians OR optometrists!)

6. Vacay Luggage Tag $9

The Wine Lover

1. Champagne Tray $19 (I have too many trays like this around my house. Whoops!)

2. CR Gibson Gold Heart Glasses $18 (I had to buy this when I first saw this.)

3. Because Patients Wine Glass $15 (I know everyone feels me with this one!)

4. Eyeglasses Wine Glasses $15

5. Umbra Wine Topper and Glass Marker $10

6. Need Glasses Notebook $9

The Optical Guy (Or girls!)

1. Glasses Tie Clip $11.50

2. Snellen Chart Cufflinks $10

3. Photoropter Tshirt $20 (also comes in women's sizes)

4. Snellen Chart Tie $19

5. Snellen Chart Socks $11

6. Bamboo Business Card Holder $15

7. Eyeballs Golf Balls $12

Under $25

1. CR Gibson Wink Trinket Dish $16 (I keep this on my nightstand and put my everyday jewelry in it whenever I take them off.)

2. Lady Jayne Notepad $13 (I have 1 of these in my kitchen island for easy note taking when needed.)

3. Better Vision Bracelet $15

4. Keychain bottle opener $12

5. Glasses Scarf $16 (I wore this infinity scarf almost every day visiting accounts last winter. It will definitely be another staple piece this winter too.)

6. Kate Spade Large Literary Glasses Notepad $14 (I bought a ton of these a few months ago and give them as gifts.)

7. Water Bottle $25

8. Jute Glasses Bag $20

9. Specs Appeal keychain $14

Under $10

1. Coloring Book for Eyecare Professionals $7 (I actually have several friends who enjoy adult coloring books!)

2. Optometry Notebook

3. Llamazing Optician Notebook $8

4. CR Gibson Wink Keychain $10 (This actually "winks" depending the way you move it. I have this keychain on my spare house-key that I use when taking the dog for a walk, etc.)

5. Trinket Tray $8.99 (I have 2 of these that I keep my glasses that I wear the most on.)

6. Black Glasses Lapel Pin $8 or a 10 pack for your whole office for $26.50 (Hey reps, this would be a great gift for you to give your accounts! Buy them in bulk and save!)

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