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Eyecare Practitioner & Optical Shop Services


Optical Dispensary Management

As a practice or optical shop owner, you have a lot of things on your plate. I can help with some of the business side of eyewear, specifically visual merchandising and inventory management.

I analyze every one of my account's frame sales of my lines to ensure that they always have their best sellers on the board & to best recommend what will sell for them. Every optical shop is unique and your frame boards should be treated as such. I will analyze your sales for ALL lines you carry and put together plans to maximize your eyewear sales. 

Studies have shown that visually appealing displays increase sales dramatically. With my eye for aesthetics and knowledge of consumer psychology, I can work with you to create large displays or even just a more organized frame board. I can also teach you and your staff effective merchandising techniques that you can use forever.



Marketing Strategy

Social media is not the future of business, social media is here now. I can help you get your social media pages started, share best practices and create custom content for your social media platforms.


I also work with other social media strategists and digital marketers who specialize in the optical industry so that if you need more extensive campaigns created, I can make sure you're taken care of. 

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